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Promoting Your Business in a Tough Economy

Let's face it. Every time we go online, turn on our TVs, or listen to the radio, we are likely to hear how "terrible" the economy is. We are persuaded to believe that 1 in 3 houses are in foreclosure and that 2 out of 3 small business are utterly failing. The truth is? This is not the truth. The current foreclosure rate? 6 per cent! Thats right, not 1 in 3 but rather more like 1 in 19. While not a good report by any stretch of the imagination, 1 in 19 is really not far removed from the 1 in 25 it was only a few years ago.

Nevertheless, clients (yours and ours) are being frightened into holding their money which lends itself to a gridlocked economy. Soon, a vast majority of our customers will discover that their ability to garner profit or a return on investment, is still fully in tact, they still have their homes, their cars, and you and I will still have our small, medium, and large businesses.

So what now? I’ve worked for large corporations, chains, and small businesses and now that I am a business owner and work with those same businesses, I have discovered a common mistake that most of us are prone to commit in a downturned economy. When things get tight in our industry we can sometimes react immediately and view our promotion budget as an unnecessary expense, instead of a necessary investment.

We are then tempted to cut back on what we incorrectly view as an’ expense’ in order to 'trim the fat’. The mistake here, is that promotion is not the fat of a company’s budget but rather the muscle, trim the fat and we are lean and mobile, trim the muscle and we can become weak and sluggish in growth. In keeping with the anatomy analogy (say that fast five times) muscle burns the fat, without muscle there is nothing to burn the fat, and ultimately, sickness settles in. If this sickness isn't diagnosed, the business moves towards death.

Analogy aside, if there aren't any customers ordering the products or services of our businesses, and we are cutting back promotion efforts, we are cutting the very thing we utilize to bring customers to us in the first place! What we've done, here at Hamilton International Productions is cut out the high dollar "shotgun" approach to marketing and have concentrated more on our core capabilities and demographic and have focused just on these areas in high return marketing. i.e. One of our core competencies is corporate video coverage, so we've begun to adjust our google adwords to facilitate that market far more than our TV commercial or infomercial segments.

The Answer? We all seek out ways to promote our products and services because we recognize the importance of promotion, networking, and marketing. But it is up to us to communicate healthy buying and business practices among our peers and our clients so we can effect recovery from a sort of "self-fulfilling" prophecy handed down to our community from inaccurate media reports (they have to sell soap somehow!).

Promotion is like hunting for food, when we’re hungry, the last thing we want to say to ourselves is, “I do not have food, therefore I can't afford to hunt" The truth is, we can't afford NOT to hunt. It is when our profits are the leanest, that we can most benefit from searching out new profit bases with new methods. Let Hamilton International Productions, put together a fabulous video representation for your business to specifically reach your target market by Web or with DVD collateral. Our promotion videos will effectively and relentlessly hunt down your prospective clientele day and night on the web! We hope to free you up from the “management” side of business ownership, to do the very thing you love the most!

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