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In the 1970's there were only 5 TV channels in the Las Vegas Valley. In the 1980's cable TV was introduced, adding an additional 30+ channels. Today, with the advent of satellite TV and digital cable, we have thousands of stations to choose from that allow us to specifically pinpoint a viewing audience that is within your target demographic. Display your product and spectacular HD color throughout Las Vegas, across America, and around the World! Is your product, service, or idea the best kept secret in your industry? Perhaps you can consider a Reality TV style infomercial geared to grab the viewers attention and present an opportunity for a buying frenzy for your product. There is a reason why we purchase products featured on a "new generation" infomercial, we have spent the time to discover their value because the product is great and the paid infomercial was created like an actual sponsored television program.

Let us get your name or invention out there for millions to see. Hire our Video Production team and we’ll assign a Producer, Camera operators, editors, makeup artists, and ample studio space to get your profits rolling! Call 702.577.1161 or
send us a message.
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